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  1. Science in the storm: GMOs, agnotology, theory

    Private interests sometimes indulge in disrupting scientific knowledge. The study of these strategies with human sciences’ methods is called agnotology. In today’s event, we will discuss this matter from the perspective of scientists who were directly confronted with this kind of practice. We will …

  2. Symposium: The science of systems and life: alternative philosophies, new mathematics

    • R Wagner
      R Wagner
      N Sieroka
      N Sieroka
      Cardano Group
      Cardano Group
    • en

    We are a group of mathematicians who denounce a mathematization of the world oriented towards purely quantitative analyses and reductionism, rather than invention and construction of understanding. The prevailing use of mathematics as a search for “optimal paths” in economy, biology and general human…

  3. IAS-IHPST Workshop: Boundaries and levels of biological organization

    The workshop will discuss the notion of biological organization from a systemic- perspective. In particular it will focus on its intrinsic hierarchical dimension, and on the role organization plays in the understanding of the transition from pre-biotic to minimal living systems and of more complex …