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Postdoctoral position

We are searching for a recent doctoral graduate with extensive training in computational modeling to work as a postdoctoral fellow in an international project (Boston, USA-Paris, France) entitled “Toward a science of intrinsic purposiveness: shaping development” that covers philosophy, biological theory, mathematical modeling, and biological experimentation. The overall aim of the project is to put forward an understanding of developmental and morphogenetic processes centered on organicist principles.

The specific goal of the postdoctoral position would be to develop computational models of mammary gland morphogenesis, where the interaction between epithelial cells and stroma (notably collagen) is essential. The postdoctoral fellow will also have to familiarize herself/himself, at the beginning, with the general conceptual and theoretical framework of the project, as well as withrequired experimental methods that are being conducted by other members of the team.

The candidate should preferably have a degree in physics, mathematics, engineering, or computer sciences. Experience in agent-based modeling, extracellular matrix and its mechanical properties, fiber organization or macroscopic physical properties of polymers would be useful.

Ideally, she/he would be someone with the technical expertise sketched above, but with an interest in more general theoretical or epistemological questions. This position is open in Professor Ana Soto’s lab at Tufts University School of Medicine, in Boston, MA and will last 2 years. Interdisciplinary interactions with theoretical biologists and philosophers in Paris will be encouraged.
Interested applicants should contact Prof. Soto (ana.soto at tufts.edu) and/or Dr. Maël Montévil (mael.montevil at gmail.com).