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Science in the storm: GMOs, agnotology, theory

Cover slide from the talk “Science in the storm: GMOs, agnotology, theory”

Private interests sometimes indulge in disrupting scientific knowledge. The study of these strategies with human sciences’ methods is called agnotology. In today’s event, we will discuss this matter from the perspective of scientists who were directly confronted with this kind of practice. We will also explore the notion that increasing theoretical accuracy in fields such as biology, especially molecular biology, would increase the resilience of the scientific endeavor when facing such disruptions.

Montévil, M., and Victor Chaix. 2021. Science in the Storm: GMOs, Agnotology, Theory. https://iscpif.fr/evenements/science-in-the-storm-gmos-agnotology-theory/
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An open conversation led by Maël Montévil (theoretical biologist, IRI et IHPST, Université Paris I) and Victor Chaix (AAGT-AI).


  • Prof. Ignacio Chapela (microbial ecologist and mycologist, University of California, Berkeley)
  • Dr. Angelika Hilbeck (agricultural ecologist, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zuerich)
  • Prof. Giuseppe Longo (mathematician and epistemologist, CNRS-Ecole normale supérieure, Paris)


Rendez-vous lundi 19 avril à 14h sur Zoom : https://zoom.us/j/99398175900