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“Reflecting team” intervention with Keynote commentators

Cover slide from the talk ““Reflecting team” intervention with Keynote commentators”

This Satellite Meeting takes the form of a workshop aiming to stimulate the discussion and the collaborative co-construction of new ideas about the nature and state of development of the modes of thinking in and for Complexity Studies. It aims at identifying key challenges and questions that call to be addressed, including those regarding the development of more complex modes of thinking. It will focus the discussion on the identification of key theoretical, empirical, methodological, technical and practical challenges and/or ways of addressing them. The workshop will aim to identify and explore how these key questions and challenges relate to the development or adaptation of tools and strategies to support the practice of particular modes of thinking in research and practice and to guide real-world interventions and educational activities (formal and informal). Through a transdisciplinary approach, this meeting aims at constructing and stimulating productive and generative dialogues for the development of more complex modes of thinking (in) Complexity.
A Reflecting Team Intervention with Invited Keynote Commentators will support a critical exploration of the keynote addressed and set questions for debate. Contributed talks will be welcomed that add new perspectives, raise questions or share experiences that can stimulate further discussion.

Montévil, Maël. 2021. “‘Reflecting Team’ Intervention with Keynote Commentators.” In Online Workshop: Modes of Thinking (in) Complexity. https://www.complexthinking.org/satellite-meeting-at-ccs2021-modes-of-thinking-in-complexity